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FM22 Beta Save - The Darmstadt Dream

As announced recently on Twitter our FM22 Beta save will be based in Germany with SV Darmstadt 98.

This episode will just offer a little back ground on Darmstadt and what we would like to achieve with this save.

A Idea Is Born

After spending the majority of my FM21 time in England I was keen to branch out and try something a tad different.

I had read on Twitter about the idea of a "Surprise Shirt Box" where you receive in the post a random Football shirt from anywhere in the world.

Naturally I was intrigued and thought this may be a great way to make save selections. I did some research before stumbling across Surprise Shirts and decided to take the plunge.

I was like a kid a Christmas when my package arrived I was not disappointed.

My first introduction to SV Darmstadt 98

The Club

The club was founded on 22 May 1898 as FC Olympia Darmstadt before merging with Darmstädter Sport Club 1905 to become Sportverein Darmstadt 98.

Darmstadt currently ply their trade in Bundesliga 2, the second tier of Germanys football pyramid.

Their nickname is Die Lilien (The Lilies) and play their home games at Merck-Stadion am Böllenfalltor a 17,000 multipurpose stadium situated in the city.

Our home kit is a stunning blue and our away kit a pure white, hence the nickname The Lilies.

There will be a couple of rivalries to keep an eye out for during the save. The Hesse derby against Eintracht Frankfurt will be an interesting one to follow as the seasons go on.

Save Goals

Darmstadt have previously only completed at the top level of German football where they finished 14th and then relegated in 18th spot. This will of course be or main focus.

I would love to also bring in some local talent through the youth set up and with the facilities lacking in game they will need to be built up quite rapidly.

This is going to be a really fast paced fun save and I cant wait to really dive in.

I know we are moving on to FM22 but if you are interested in our FM21 Blogs they can be found below.



If you have enjoyed this episode and want to fully catch up with our Journey so far you can start way back at the beginning here -

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We also have an fascinating International save going as we attempt to take Jamaica to Gold Cup and World Cup glory after acquiring some new recruits who have been ignored repeatedly by England

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