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The Surprise Shirt Challenge -An Introduction.

Well here we are, the start of a brand new journey. Before I introduce you to our new team lets see how and why they were selected.



I have been a customer of Surprise Shirts for a few years now, in fact they introduced me to SV Darmstadt who were our beta save on FM22 in The Darmstadt Dream

So when I spotted that they were offering an FM23 Shirt box for FM23 it gave me a great idea for a save.

So with my order placed I didn't have to wait long to find out who we would be managing.

After I had eaten the sweets included in the parcel I read in more about our new team on the information card provided.



So here we are the new manager of PEC Zwolle who are currently playing their football in the Eerste Divisie, the second tier of Dutch football.

Lets have a deeper look at the club on and off of the field.

Having been relegated from the Top division last season we are hotly tipped to make an immediate return. League rules state the the top 2 go up automatically with the playoff winners facing a 2 legged Promotion/Relegation tie.



We find ourselves in a decent position with our facilities. A really decent stadium with 14,000 capacity. Decent training facilities with some improvement needed in the recruitment department.

Nice picture below our home ground, the Mac3Park Stadion.



The finances are more than acceptable for the first season with the only concern being the wage spend vs budget.

That can be alleviated by trimming some of the squad and being smart in the market.


Club Vision

Its time to see if we are on the same page as the board.

Nothing out of the ordinary here. I am looking forward to working within their culture of signing under 23's for the first team.


Supporter Profile

I enjoy the new "Supporter Profile" feature this year. Its a great tool to see where we are at in terms of growth as well as possible extra revenue.

Interesting to see the Supporter Culture wants to see players come through the youth system. Don't we all......


That concludes this short introduction to PEC Zwolle. The next episode will be back to the usual format of covering the first half of the season as well as the transfer window and deep dive into the playing squad.

Thanks for reading and i hope you join us again for the beginning of our latest adventure.




Why not check out our first save of FM23 as we take over at Crystal Palace. We have concluded this save but you can start from the beginning here.

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