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Pre Game Launch and Save Selection.

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The Save selection was an easy one. I am going to lead Wycombe Wanderers into their debut season in the Championship.

I am going to start off by saying proudly I am a life long Wycombe supporter. From FA Cup and League Cup Semi Finals to dodgy owners, ground shares with rugby teams, Fan ownership, being on the brink of dropping out of the football league and of course to the ridiculousness of last seasons promotion.

Lets be honest, we are punching WELL above our weight in the Championship. I think if we are even more honest our season was well on the slide before Lockdown and were lucky to be thrust onto the playoffs on a backwards points system.

The rest however we earned. We beat two very fancied teams fairly and squarely and the fact we got one over on Joey Barton and our bitter rivals Oxford will never be forgotten in Buckinghamshire.

The aim of this save will first and foremost be Championship survival. Then consolidation in the league, before pushing for top flight football.

Until very recently, Wycombe Wanderers were one of the very few professional football clubs in England to not boast a youth academy. This was closed due to the poor Financial position we had gotten ourselves into.

This will form a massive part of this save and I would love to build our youth system back up and perhaps produce a player who would go on to the top of the game, with us or without us.

I am so excited to start this save and share it with anyone who decides to join me on this Virtual journey. Its going to be a long hard battle.



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