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The Making of Mousehole AFC - An Introduction

Well here we are. After the extension of Beta Save we finally start a FM24 Proper save and we have dropped a LONG way down the leagues to find a team to manage.

Let me introduce you to Mousehole AFC.


Mousehole AFC are a Semi Professional team playing in the Southern League, Division One South which is the 8th tier of English football.

They play their home football at Trungle Parc, which is situated in the neighbouring village of Paul.

As you can see from the map below, Mousehole (Circled) is all the way down in South West Cornwall on the South Coast just 10 Miles from Lands End.

Just for prosperity, the other green dots are the location of the other teams in our league. We are going to put some miles on the team bus.


A Little bit about Mousehole Village

Mousehole is a small Fishing Village on the coast of shore of Mounts Bay in Cornwall.

Last recorded census has the population of just under 700 residents. In the summer the village thrives from tourism flocking to the sandy harbour and natural rock beaches.

In the winter the tourist return in December to take in the huge Christmas light display that engulfs the whole village.

This light display is in homage to the Children's Book The Mousehole Cat. Based on the legend of Cornish fisherman Tom Bawcock and the stargazy pie, it tells the tale of a cat who goes with its owner on a fishing expedition in rough and stormy seas. Its safe to say the display is spectacular.


Why Mousehole?

Mousehole hold a special place in the Panda Household. As a family we would spend our summer holidays in Mousehole and the occasional Christmas. But more recently it was where I proposed to the future Mrs Panda.

Football wise the reasoning is simple. Its a challenge. Cornwall has never had a Professional football team.

Currently, Mousehole AFC's closest profession team is Plymouth Argyle. This means that the networking between clubs and the finances that come with it are minimal.

So that is my motivation. Lets take this tiny Cornish football team as far as we can!!




If you are new to the page then please feel free to check out our previous save.

A Stade Rennais-sance was our Beta save that we extended. Taking control of Stade Rennes, we attempted to overthrow PSG. You can start the Journey from Here.

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