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The Making of Mousehole AFC - Part 7

After our heroic run in the playoffs last year it is time to start prepping for life in the National League South. If you missed the last episode you can catch up here.


Off the Field Developments

The first order of business after promotion was slightly difficult to take. We have been uprooted from our beloved Trungle Parc!

Sadly it doesn't meet our new leagues rules on the stadium requirements.

I'm not sure, but I feel like a 3000 seater stadium feels a tad over kill for teams in this league.

Our new home was announced promptly.

We will be renting and ground sharing with Falmouth Town, who currently play three leagues below us.

Here is a map highlighting the journey we will undertake for every home game.

I am hoping we can return to Trungle Parc further down the journey!



We have been in a small bit of finacial bother over the last few seasons. Low attendances and high wages due to reputation has cost us and with our sharp improvements it has not gotten any easier.

We are still in the red to the tune of 121k. We have seen some large improvements during seasons, these are due to FA Cup ties attendances and prize money. It is why I view that competition as so important.

We have still got a hole to dig ourselves out of.


Board Expectations

Very reasonable and very very manageable.



The board have increased the wage budgets to fall in line with minimum wage requirements for the league. However with our financial woes i will be keeping things tight.



Lets start with the Players leaving us.

A few familiar faces and some bit part players are out the door.

Noteworthy names of Calver and Pursall who were integral to our early success but were just no longer good enough for the money they wanted.

Now for the In's.

Lets have a look at the key figures brought in.

Isaac Evans joins, a solid left back option us on a free transfer. We needed strength in that position as we were playing one of our youth product Joe Howard-Cherry, who has done well but was culpable a few times last season. With another jump in quality of opponent again it was time to make a change.

John Anyanwu joins on a free transfer from Alfreton Town as a decent striking option.

I was happy with the goal scoring options last season but Anyanwu looks to be another step up to Grubb and Hughes.


Squad Overview

A quick squad overview going into pre season.

We have some really strong positions. Especially at striker and in the wing backs. The positions are slightly deceiving, its listing 4 left backs but in reality Khari Allen is a back up right back due to being two footed and Eddie Clarke is more a left winger.

Going to keep my eyes peeled for some depth at Centre Back as the season progresses.


Pre Season

I sold our soul this pre season. The sole aim was to fill our new home as often as possible to create some revenue. 5 League teams visited and brought a good following with them.


Thank you for reading and I hope you join us next time for the start of the season!



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