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The Making of Mousehole AFC - Part 8

We re-join our Cornish adventure on the cusp of our debut season in the Vanarama National League South. If you would like to catch up on our pre season preparations for this season you can do so here.

Before we get to the league campaign lets catch up on how we got on in the cup competitions.


Isuzu FA Trophy

As always we will start with the FA Trophy, a solid way to get some much needed funds into the club.

A huge win in the first round away to former league side Torquay United gave us hope of a positive cup run, only for us to fall at home to Stratford Town in the next round. Could this be a glimpse into the season ahead?


FA Cup

We have had some relative success in the FA cup already on this journey already making the 1st round on more than one occasion.

We could really do with a run like that again to help with the poor finances.

No 1st round payday this year but we did have two very strong performances against Prescot and Maidenhead before losing out to Dartford.


National League South August - November 2026

We start a historic season in August with out first game in our new home stadium, albeit temporary we hope.

You'll see that we had a very inflated attendance on that first game and for a moment I though that could be our ticket out of financial trouble. Unfortunately it was a false dawn and the rest of the home attendances.

It was a mixed bag for the first few months of the season. but some inconsistencies really started to sneak in and we started to drop valuable points quickly.

We especially found it hard keeping clean sheets only managing to keep 2 in 21 games. Scoring didn't seem to be a concern with goals coming from all over the field.

We did have a small personal award as we were awarded manager of the month for November.


Youth Intake Preview

Lets check out the projection for the next batch of youth team members.

Its not bad, always like the possibility of a homegrown striker for the fans to worship. Lets hope it comes true.


Takeover Bid

During the last few weeks of November we had the below message.

I was keen to bolster the squad for the second half of the season however this doesn't look like its going to be possible.


National League South December - April 2026

Now back to the league and although we had an up and down start to the season we were hovering around midtable with lots and lots of teams covered by a small amount of points.

The aim now is survival at all costs.

Look at all that red.

A huge dip in form especially in March at April almost cost us our position in the league but luckily for us the work we did in the first half of the season was enough to see us over the line.


Final League Table


Youth Intake

Lets check out the new recruits.

Just the one player of any note an it is a striker. James Rhodes will be the only player signed out of this crop of players.


Takeover Update

After limiting my options to sign players to assist us this season our transfer embargo was lifted after a potential takeover collapses.


That is the conclusion to our 4th season in charge in Cornwall and potentially our most disappointing. Its time to think about an overhaul of the squad and we need to get ourselves out of this financial mess.

Answers on a post card to how we achieve this!

Interesting times ahead for Mousehole AFC




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