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The Making of Mousehole AFC - Part 9

We return to Cornwall to prepare for a second season in the National League South. If you would like to catch up with our debut season at this level you can do so Here.

We are in the midst of a mini rebuild as our form at the tail end of last season just was not good enough. The squad was too small and we needed some much needed quality in defence.


New Contract

We start the new season off with a new contract offering which we gladly sign which will keep us contracted to the club for another year at least.



Although planning rebuild sounds exciting in this situation it is also a necessity. We are still in a precarious position financially as you can see below.

Its a bad as it sounds and we will need to clear the wages of players no longer good enough and try and replace them with players that are on a smaller budget.


Board Expectations and Budgets

Amazingly, we have some money in the budget.

All that transfer fund will go into the wage budget as we deal in free transfers only here in Mousehole!



Lets start with the clear out after releasing 8 first team players.

Ryan Barrett and David Edwards have been with us for the whole journey so far, these two were the hardest to release but with them both being at the top of the wage structure it had to be done.

Lets have a look at some of the key faces joining us.

Scott Robson-Dryden joins us on a Non-Contract deal following his release from Swansea.

With an appearance fee based contract we have a perfect Wideman to compliment our style of play.

Very exciting signing.

Tyler Hill joins us on a short term deal after his recent release.

An all round decent centre back and will be an important signing and I hope will be the long term replacement for Roberts

Jacob Dennis was signed as a future prospect goalkeeper after the departure of former number one choice Zak Baker.

He's got some decent potential that's for sure!

I am sure you are thinking "Is this the big rebuild we were expecting?" well no, I didn't account for this.


Takeover Bid

Right in the middle of our transfer buisness we get this message.....

Followed by this.

Which sounded so positive with some much needed investment, and then.....

This has ground our squad preparations to an abrupt halt which could leave us VERY short on numbers and quality in the squad!


Squad Overview

Here's a quick squad update to show exactly where we are....

As you can see it isn't looking pretty! 20 players in the 1st team and great for depth in positions!

I was half way through rebuilding the defensive unit and as you can see its far from complete!


Supporter Profile

Not much change in our supporter profile except an extra 54 social media followers!


Pre Season

The usual Pre Season with some money earning ties but some really poor results against some smaller teams. Shaping up to be a long season.


Next episode we will be running through the entire season and I suspect its going to be the most important season of the journey so far!

Cheers for reading!


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