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The Making of Mousehole AFC - Part 5

After avoiding relegation comfortably last year in our first season in the Southern League premier South, it is time to make the next step this season.

If you missed that episode you can catch up here.

This episode we will focus on the developments off the field leading up to the start of the new season and we are going to start with an serious issue.



The sign of a well run club always starts with the finances. In the lower leagues there is very little financial support from Tv rights or league prize money. You need to rely on gate receipts, a cup run or in rare occasions player sales.

It also relies on you managing your wages accordingly, and here at Mousehole AFC, I have dropped the ball on the latter leaving us in a perilous situation.

In just under 2 years we have managed to lose almost £250,000. I admit that this is less than ideal, but I was determined to ensure survival last season, at any cost.

What does it mean for this season? Well we are going to need to reduce the wage costs immediately. Some of the top earners will be let go and the size of the first team and the youth teams will be looked at.

Its something we are going to have to do to ensure the club survives. Lets see if we can survive in the league.


Transfer Activity

Lets start with how we addressed the squad size and wage issues and check out the players released.

with 12 players off of the wages we have a better idea of what we can spend this season. Some of these players were regular first team players at the top of the wage structure.

Now to see the replacements.

I am really pleased with deals we've done. You'll notice a familiar name as we bring back Evander Grubb on a free transfer after his goals secured us survival last season. Lets check out some of the key new faces.

Wally Fernandez joins us on loan from Exeter for the season.

An exciting prospect who will add us some much needed quality out wide.

James Hughes Joins on a free transfer from Welsh side, Aberystwyth Town.

More fire power up top appears to be a natural finisher and alongside Chubb we have some strength in depth.

Giulio Marroni joins for free.

A solid option in midfield, will probably end up being the more reserved option to allow the more forward thinking midfielders rampage forward.

The rest of the group are either future prospects or squad options. All will hopefully play a part this season.



With the new recruits I've had a little re think of the 4-3-3 tactic from the last couple of seasons.

I feel with the acquisition of Hughes we need to really lean in to two really decent strikers. so going back to a 4-42 but pushing the wide men as far forward as possible to offer a real threat on both flanks.


Pre Season

With the finances being the forefront of my mind we had a mixture of opponents during pre season. Smaller clubs for game sharpness and some larger teams for a cash injection boost.


That's our preparations completed, we have reduced the wage budget but feel we have improved in some areas, shows that some of the squad signings last season were poor.

Join us again soon as we will have a full season 3 review.

As always, thanks for reading!




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