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Growing Up In Guernsey S1 EP1 - Getting Settled In

Previously I introduced you to Guernsey Fc. If you missed that episode you can find it Here.

A quick snapshot of the save goals and rules as a reminder.

Rules - This is a youth only save which means

  • No Transfers of any kind including free agents or loans.

  • The only way to acquire players is through the youth intakes.

Aims - Long term aims for the save

  • Win the Premier League

  • Win the Champions League

So lets get to know our new club.


We arrive to take control of The Green Lions on a one year deal worth a massive £650 a week.

The Chairperson Mark Le Tissier, Matt's brother welcomes us to Footes Lane with a little overview of the club.

As expected there are lots of improvements needed, although the stadium isn't one of them. 5000 seater capacity at this level is plenty.

But due to the rules of this save the focus has to be on the Youth Facilities, which are abysmal. Improvements on these will need to be focused on if we are to progress.

Here is a more in depth look at the club as a whole.



Some more positive news, the club financially is in the black and with no need for a transfer budget the money can be distributed to wages and improvements very easily.

Eventually I would like to get to the stage where we were making good money selling players that we have produced but aren't quite up to our standards.


The Head of Youth Development

The most important position in the club for this save. He will be in charge of developing the future stars who will be firing us up the league pyramid.

Lets meet the current HoYD who will be in charge of our first intake.

For this level he is just about qualified but I will be looking to improve this area as soon as possible.


The Squad

Annoyingly the squad is actually short on numbers. Which usually isn't an issue, but without the ability to sign any players until the youth intake towards the end of the season we may find ourselves struggling to fill the match day squad.

On the positive side there is clearly quality in this group especially up top with Ross Allen and Carlos Canha being star players already.

Central midfield is also stacked with Charlton Gauvain and Tom De La Mare clear favourites to lock down those positions.

Plenty of Potential too With William Fazakerley (Striker) Robbie Legg (Striker) Thomas Dodds (Left Wing) and Jordan Kelly (Goal Keeper) all with huge potential.



I have not managed this far down the leagues in a while. But what I do know is to keep it simple. That coupled with the strength in depth up top it made sense to play with 2 strikers. So we go with a classic 4-4-2 formation.


Season Preview

We are definitely outsiders for any promotion challenge with more of a possibility of a relegation scrap.

Thats something that can not happen!


Pre Season

A solid pre season with lot of positives. The players appear to be comfortable with the new system.

Goals don't appear to be hard to come by as expected but with only one clean sheet that may be something to work on.

Well thats us set and ready for our first season.

Hope you join us for the ride.



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