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Growing Up In Guernsey - Season 3 Review


Before we get started lets briefly remind ourselves of the rules and aims of this save.

Rules - This is a youth only save which means

  • No Transfers of any kind including free agents or loans.

  • The only way to acquire players is through the youth intakes.

Aims - Long term aims for the save

  • Win the Premier League

  • Win the Champions League

Its been a while since we covered season 2 so you will be in much need of a catch up of our progress, you can do this Here.

All in all it was a successful season as we avoided relegation which was well above what was expected of us. We had also had a strong intake with some very exciting players that will play a massive part in this city.

Lets crack on and see what has changed around the club.


Club Improvements

We discussed previously the Importance of improving the clubs finances and we have made some forward strides in this department.

This is our first shirt sponsor of the save and will add some much needed funds.

We have also seen larger attendances with the improvements of the performances on the pitch.

With the average attendance growth means higher gate receipts and match day income.

Yet again we were denied the opportunity to improve the facilities and youth recruitment however we were able to improve personally.


A change in Tactic

After the struggles of last season on the pitch I decided to make a change to the tactic.

This was due to many factors but mainly to accommodate the latest youth intake which contained some fantastic prospects out on the wing.

Its a bold move as 4-4-2 offers a lot more stability but we need to move and improve with the players we produce.


Season Preview

So it looks like we could be in for one hell of a long season.....


Pre Season

Pre season was once again a chance to raise some much needed finances. So i arranged friendlies with 4 English League teams for that purpose and then 3 warm up matches to get the guys fitness up.

It went as predicted. Lose to the league teams and good performances against the rest. Sets us up well for the long season ahead.


August 2023

Its the start of the season and we need to start better than we did last season if we are to progress. Lets get this season underway.

What a start to the season. Unbeaten and scoring plenty of goals. Ross Allen is off and firing early as he bags 5 in 4 games. I couldn't have asked for a better start.


September 2023

We are the surprise form team over the opening months of the season. With veteran Ross Allen leading the line we have a chance to prove some people wrong.

Ok, that first month was clearly no fluke!

We lost the last game of the season to end a 4 game winning streak and a 9 game uneaten start to the season. Ross Allen at it again with 8 goals in 6 games.


October 2023

That is a real statement opening two months. Now we need to maintain this impressive form. October is a long month so I expect to have to put in some rotation plans.

Told you it was a long month. 7 games in all and a lot more red than previously.

Maybe a little jolt of reality as we are punching well above our station this season so far. You will notice a new name on the score sheet as right winger Ishmael Duah has broken into the first team and is doing brilliantly. Exactly what this tactic was designed for.


November 2023

Just the three league games in November with the start of the cup competitions, which we will cover later.

Another strong month as we win 2 lose 1. The wave of momentum we are on at the moment shows no sign of slowing down.

Its starting to look like a very positive season.


December 2023

The cliché "Jam Packed" month of December is upon us with 5 games to look forward to. A great chance to end the year on a high.

Oh and how we did! 4 wins out of 5 only conceding 2 and scoring plenty!

The goals are being shared out nicely after Allen's lightning fast start to the season.


Half Way Table

Just a reminder that we were 450-1 to win the title and were odds on to be relegated. But here we are sitting second. 2 points off of top with the best goal difference in the league.

The most amazing stat is that we are only 2 points off of our season points total last season already with a long way to go!


January 2024

The new year started with a quiet January. As always our eyes weren't on the Transfer Window but the up coming Intake Preview.

Its a steady month, nothing more. But what does it show that 5 points from 4 game is steady?


Youth Intake Preview

The time of the year that I get genuinely excited for. The intake previews over the last few seasons have been solid but we are waiting for that real break out star to come through.

Well it looks like we could finally have that player. A standout Central Midfielder with an A rating and with nothing else about a C. Exciting to see what we gave got.


February 2024

The season keeps rolling on, another 4 league game month as we start to really look to change up or ambitions.

A split month as we lose two on the spin for the first time in a while. Ross Allen had again found his scoring boots with his first half hattrick sealing a win against Bedford.


March 2024

Here it is the most important month of the season. Its intake month. Lets cover the on field business first.

Strong start to the month with a three win streak. Sadly we lose the last two in close encounters away from home.


Youth Intake

The preview stated that we had a top top prospect in central midfield which I am really keen to see. Lets get to it.

Ok! a three star current ability straight off the bat. Lets take a closer look at Mr Sofokleous.

I was a tad under awed at first glance by his attributes but when you look closely you can see where his qualities lie.

Technically gifted and either footed with a decent personality. I think this young man may be the gem we have been looking for.


April 2024

We have kept our decent form up all season and with one last push we can secure the most unlikely of playoff berths.

Lets cover the ending to one hell of a season.

An unbeaten month, Without conceding too and if you look at the goal scorers against Gosport then you will see one Loukas Sofokleous who on his first start became the youngest goal scorer in the clubs history.



Final Table

I mean, this was a huge shock. Hotly tipped to get relegated to finish 3rd comfortably is a huge huge achievement. For the 2nd season out of three we head to the play offs.



We head into the playoffs full of confidence after a cracking run in. But we face a huge test in a 1 leg shoot out against Dorchester in the semi finals.

So how did we get on.......

Dear me this group of lads do not know their limits.

We were battered from the first whistle to the last but some wonderful defending and some good luck we held out through extra time and finally overcame Dorchester on penalties!


The Final

Who would have thought this would be the way we end our season, One game away from the National League South.

Who was standing in our way?

Kings Langley, with a win apiece during the regular season its going to be anyone's game. Are we ready?


Top put the cherry on top of the massive cake that is promotion, it was sealed in the last minutes by one of own youth prospects.

Luca Cutherbertson came through in our first ever youth intake and has solidified himself as our best defender, today he was our match winner.

Just an incredible achievement! The fans thought so too.


Cup Competitions

I love the cups as much as the next guy, but in a season like this our performance will always fall second best to our performances in the league.

Anyway, we were poor again as rotation played a big factor. But hey ho, PROMOTION!!!


Season Review


Well that is it. Another season under our belt and we all of a sudden step into the unknown as we suddenly enter a league where teams are Professional and have budgets we could only dream of.

This is going to be one hell off few years!!

Catch you next Season



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