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Growing Up In Guernsey - Season 4 Review


Before we get started lets briefly remind ourselves of the rules and aims of this save.

Rules - This is a youth only save which means

  • No Transfers of any kind including free agents or loans.

  • The only way to acquire players is through the youth intakes.

Aims - Long term aims for the save

  • Win the Premier League

  • Win the Champions League

It has once again been a while since we covered season 3 so you will be in much need of a catch up of our progress, you can do this Here

It was one hell of a season last season as we gained the unlikeliest of promotions via the Play Offs meaning we will be competing the in the Vanarama National League South for the first time in the clubs history!


Club Improvements

As always we start every episode with the improvements we have made around the club.

Now although this isn't a direct club improvement, it is the possible start of plenty.

We now start to receive TV money. Miles away from the lucrative deals further up the leagues, but you have to start somewhere.

Due to our decent performances on the pitch last season we did see another increase in the average attendance.

This will see a nice increase in finances if the on pitch results carry on improving.


On Field Plans for The Season

This season will be the toughest yet as we are now in a league filled with larger clubs running with bigger budgets and in some cases fully professional teams.

We are obviously still relying on the youth prospects but our biggest weapon has been in the game a lot longer.

Ross Allen has been instrumental in our progression up the leagues. scoring 29 goals last season alone, but sadly he has decided to hang up his boots at the end of this season.

If I'm honest he's decline as a footballer has been rapid and he was going to be much more of a bit part player this season but we will be saying goodbye to our first club great of the save.


Board Expectations

Nothing out of the ordinary here. The board are obviously delighted with the previous promotion and are not holding much hope of a survival.


The Tactics

The tactics will largely remain the same. Especially as we have the personnel and strength in depth to deal with the hardest season yet.

This starting 11 contains 8 players who have come through the Intakes over the last few years.


Season Preview

As very much expected we are predicted to be right down the bottom of the league.


Pre Season

As usual, we arranged pre season games based on financial gain and on match fitness. This meant that we faced many teams in much higher divisions.

Job done in terms of the pre season goals. We've made roughly 1k per game on average and bolstered the teams match fitness.


August & September 2024

We start the season through August & September knowing its going to be a tough tough ask to stay in the division. This I am sure will be a reality check for the Journey.

A winless start to the season and the struggles in front of goal are real. Replacing the Allen goals is going to be a real struggle. There were more points available here but we failed to score at key moments.

There was a personal moment of celebration for recent academy graduate Loukas Sofokleous who became the youngest scorer in the leagues history.


October & November 2024

After a winless start everyone was keen to get that first win on the board. To do that we need to get our shooting boots on, and fast.

Sometimes the world gives with one hand and takes with the other. The first win was huge and one that could have set us up for the upcoming games. Sadly it wasn't to be.

6 games without a goal which includes three 1-0 defeats. Costly costly score lines when every point counts. The 8 games lost in a row is the worst run in the short journey so far.


Youth Intake Preview

Its the 2nd most exciting part of the season is upon us as we get to see the preview for the 1st.

I am still undecided how accurate these are but they seem to bear a strong representation of the actual intake.

Lets see what we have to look forward to.

The lack of a striker is a concern especially with our current issues in front of goal and the impending departure of Allen.

I am pleased to see some Defenders coming through, and the wingers will hopefully add strength an depth for the formation.


December 2024 & January 2025

We move into the festive period and beyond on the back of the worst losing run in the clubs history. Seasons can be defined on how teams respond to such adversity.

These are an important two months.

Well there is a lot less red to see for a start. We started December perfectly as we put together our first back to back wins of the season. Quickly followed by back to back draws which means we managed a 4 game unbeaten streak.

Lyle Risbridger and Jason Reeves with 3 goals each in those 4 games. Sadly there were no more wins, but creditable home draws to Maidenhead and Havant & Waterlooville are of note.


Table After January

Right where we had expected to be at the half way stage. With clear improvement in form during December and January we obtained 10 of our 15 points.

We have a 5 point cushion on the single relegation space but are cut a drift from the teams above us slightly.


February & March 2025

With over half of the season behind us we were facing a long run in to the end of the season. It started with the shorter months of February and March. With the promise of some fresh faces at the end of this run of games.

Its another solid points haul as we pick up another 8 points. We have started to pick up points against the teams around us and even nick some points off of the team vying at the other end of the table.

Weston-Super-Mare, Dorking and Woking will be very disappointed to have dropped points to us.


Youth Intake

Here it is, that all important youth intake. Hopefully we will see a couple of players who can come into the first team and make a difference for the fight for survival.

Lets welcome the new recruits.

Ok, so the intake was right to point out the Centre backs and wingers. Lets look in detail at the top two new players.

Darren Wilson - Definitely has the ability to help out this season. His physicals are key to his high rating and with high determination we should see more improvement.

Dylan Davis - Will be strong back up for the first choice centre backs. Again he has great physicals but his low determination may be an issue for his development.

We did have another strong prospect come through by the name of Robbie Bruce, Sadly he suffered a serious injury during the game against the U18's.

I've signed him to a youth contract regardless but in my experience injuries like this early in a career can cause some issues.


April 2025

So here it is, the last two months of the season. With it all left to play for and the added impetus of some fresh blood we were ready to fight to the bitter end.

Only the one positive result this month as we faced some tough games.

Enfield were the only team predicted to finish lower than us this season, but they have been defying the odds avoiding any for of relegation battle, so it was nice to take all 3 points against them.


May 2025

Here is how it stands as we go into the last 3 games of the season.

So it was simple, beat Farnborough next and we need just a point to survive. Anything less and we need to continuer to better their results.

Its fully in our hands, exactly what we needed.

WELL WELL WELL. An unbeaten month at the most important of times. The Farnborough game was frustrating as we conceeded late to offer them hope but to win the last two with both goals coming in added on time in the 2nd half is really special.

Especially as Farnborough beat Enfield in the penultimate game 5-1 to really put the pressure on and take it to the final day.


Final League Table

I cannot believe I am classing a season where we only won 8 games as a success. But it has to be, did we get relegated? No we didn't. Therefore the season is a success.


Cup Competitions

I mean the draws could have been kinder but what do you expect? We barely won any games in the league let alone the cup.

We go again next year!


Season Review

Thank you so much for reading. I know this journey has become a tad stop start recently but I appreciate the patience and support.

See you next time



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1 Comment

Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez
Mar 15, 2022

What a season! Glad you made it out alive.

Also, just a thought, it'd play that formation on cautious instead of defensive and lastly, keep the width when attacking at "balanced" since you're going from 'fairly wide' to 'narrow' there might be some gaps in there.

Good luck next season, I'm looking forward to it.

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