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Growing Up In Guernsey - Save Introduction

Time for something a little bit different.

There is a popular FM save challenge known as "The Youth Only Save"

The idea behind this save is simple, No transfers allowed! The only new players you can acquire have to come through your academy.

No loans, no free transfers just absolute faith in your youth system which adds a different set of challenges.

Save Aims

  • Win the top division in my chosen country

  • Win the Champions league of our continent

All whilst creating a team full of academy graduates.

Club Selection

This save is traditionally done using clubs further down the footballing pyramid, and we are not going to change that now.

I introduce you all to Guernsey FC.

Guernsey FC add another dimension to this save. Although they are part of the English Football League they are located on the British Crown Dependency of Guernsey which is part of the Chanel Islands in the English Chanel.

The Islands are closer to France than England as seen on the map below.

The team compete in the Isthmain League South Central Division and due to the level of football and their location to the other teams they actually cover the travel expenses of all teams visiting Footes Lane.

Footes Lane is the Home of Guernsey FC. A 5000 capacity multi-use stadium.


This save has been on the cards for while and I asked fellow FM content creator Wightyyyy to create me some custom kits to go along side the save and boy did he deliver.



Guernsey has one huge football claim to flame, Matthew Le Tissier who went on to represent his country 8 times.

Producing a player from Guernsey who could beat that would be a fantastic achievement.

This is just a short introduction to the save. Next time we will be looking at what we have to work with when the save starts in terms of the current squad, Finances and facilities.

I am really excited for this save and cant wait to share the journey with you.



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