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Hometown Hero - S1 EP1 The Journey Begins

So here we are, at the start of our latest adventure. In a place that I know all so well.

With our appointment a club legend was asked to step aside and take up a role further up the club.


The Club

Lets have a look at what we know about the club and the facilities.

Check out those custom kits by the way. Provided by the always awesome Wightyyyy Follow the link to his Twitter page and show him some love.

The facilities are pretty standard for the level of football we are competing in but we will look to improve them as we go to ensure the standing of the club improves.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the clubs finances. If we box smart in the transfer market and maybe get a decent cup run then these should improve steadily.


The Playing Squad

The biggest key to our success is the playing squad, so lets have an overview of the guys.

We have got some standout performers to keep an eye out for.

Josh Kelly is going to be our main goal threat with Kane Ferdinand and Sam Barratt backing him up from midfield.

There is some good strength and depth at the back also with Will De Havilland, Alan Massey and Goalkeeper Daniel Gyollai.

I will be looking to add some extra support, especially in the wide positions and in attack.



The tactics are based mainly around how I think we square up against the other teams in the league week in week out and if I am honest I don't think we are going to be seeing a massive amount of the ball.

With that in mind I feel a counter attack style of play will suit us well.



There were no outgoings during the window as I managed to keep a full compliment of players together.

There were however a few players joining the ranks.

Kieran Evans is an attacking midfielder who will definitely be a starter. I fought off a few other teams to secure his services and think he will be a great foil for Kelly.

Aaron Eyoma is a right wide player who will add depth and competition for the places.

Dylan Duncan is a bit of a Jack of all trades who can be back up in the mezzala position for Ferdinand as well as cover in the further forward role. Big role this season for sure.

Lastly we have on loan wing back Hamid Abdul-Salem who will hopefully challenge for the right back position. Pay £0 per week added a real shine to this deal.


Pre Season

We had a very busy and productive pre season with plenty of wins and plenty of goals.

It was great to see key partnerships blossom and we look a lot better than i think people will give us credit for.


Well that's it, we are prepared and ready for the season opener away to FC Halifax.

Next time out we will cover the first half of the season as we aim to start this journey off with a bang.

Catch you next time.



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