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The Home Town Hero - S4 EP2 - Our Second Season in League 2 gets underway.

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Welcome back to the Hometown Hero save as we attempt to find glory with my hometown club of Maidenhead United.

If you want to start this save from the beginning of the journey, you can do so here.


Save Rules & Aims


  • To become a professional football team for the first time in the club's history - COMPLETED

  • Become a League Club - COMPLETED

  • Win some major silverware.


  • Only Sign English Players

This may sound like an easier save rule, however I like the idea of limiting the scope of our signings.

  • Promote 3 Players a season from the youth intake into the first team squad.

This will focus the save upon developing the local lads to become the future of the club.

  • Fill the backroom staff with former players and legends along the way.

This will add a different twist when trying to improve the clubs standing. Developing staff as well as players.


August 2024

Another season rolls around and after some string off field acquisitions there was an air of confidence around our chances of a strong showing this season. So lets get underway.

Not the ideal start. Maybe we needed a few games to get some cohesion going.

The Chesterfield and Newport games were disappointing, with a strong second half improvement against Exeter to rescue a point before we blow Colchester away at home.

5 of our 6 goals scored have come from our left wing with Linton and Owen, what a partnership that could become over the course of the season.


September 2024

We finished August well, and looked to have found a system that makes us a goal threat and when you are a threat like that you have always got a chance.

September was a chance to prove this to the league.

There we go, an undefeated month with our key loan signing Cleary getting on the scoresheet in 3 of the 4 games.

A good strong set of results to push us up the table early in the season.


October 2024

With many outside of the club surprised at our form in the opening months we were becoming something of a surprise package in the league.

People can underestimate us all the way through the season!

The losses at the start of October came against some of the "Big hitters" in the league this season so can be excused, although disappointing.

We flew through the rest of the month raking up 4 wins in a row only conceding once. A brilliant reaction to the defeats.


November 2024

We are on a roll, but with the fixtures starting to pile up its time to test the strength in depth as we look to rotate regularly.

This may produce a poorer set of results but will benefit us in the long run.

Not as poor as expected, which is saying something.

An almost fully rotated team steal the show at home to Morecambe to grab 3 points. from 6 games we finish with a result tally of 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Not too shabby.


December 2024

December is notoriously a chaotic month, with games coming in thick and fast. Hopefully we will see the benefit of the rotation month during November.

If not, then we may have to look at doing a similar level of rotation through December.

Think we can agree that November paid off after putting a string of strong results together to finish the year off.

Grimsby were the only team to leave us with no points as they continue their strong season.


Halfway League Table

Pretty sure I'd have been laughed at if I had said we would be well involved in the promotion conversation at this stage of the season. But here we are!


Youth Intake Preview

During the chaos of November and December we received our Youth Intake Preview.

Not to bad at all. We have a severe lack of depth at Centre back and we could do with you a strong youth candidate to ply his trade from the bench.

Always love a homegrown striker so lets hope we can produce one for the fans!


Thats us ready to start 2025 with a possible promotion push. The season is shaping up to be one that could define this journey and our Hero Status.

Cheers for joins us and we will be back soon.


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