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The Making of Mousehole AFC - Part 1

In our announcement episode we introduced you to the Cornish village of Mousehole. Along with sandy beaches and unbelievable scenery, Mousehole is home to Mousehole AFC.

If you missed that episode you can catch up here.


The Journey Begins.

So we begin our Mousehole, but first a shoutout to a community member who created the Kit Graphics for the save, @wightyyyy.

Whightyyyy has helped out previously with kits for some of our other saves and when I realised I needed some Mousehole AFC ones I knew exactly who to ask.


Around the Club

So lets have a look around the club and see what we will have at our disposal. Starting with off the field.

As you can see the Facilities are as basic as they come which is expected at this level. Our ground, Trungle Parc is bigger than required for the time being which will eventually help as we attract more and more spectators.

Its also a very charming Non league ground, even with my rose tinted glasses on.

We have also been given access to the finances and there are no shocks here.

£800 in the bank, this is going to bring out the wheeler and dealer in us I can feel it.


The Squad

Lets see what we have to work with in terms of playing staff.

The first thing that concerns me is the size of the squad. with only 16 first team players, 4 of which are 16 shows we may need to perform a mini rebuild as our first order of business.

We appear strong in goal and at right back with Chenoweth and Barrett looking like decent players at this level.

Barrett is a new signing made by the previous management team, they have definitely done us a favour.


Board Expectations

A very achievable set of expectations gives us a huge advantage with the board.


Transfer Activity

With no departures due to the squad size so we can focus on the incoming players.

I'm relatively happy with our acquisitions, especially as we have stayed well in budget. Lets have a look at some the key signings.

David Roberts, a towering centre back, although there is a slight lack of pace his ariel capabilities will be of huge advantage at both ends of the field.

Josh Grant will be the spear head of the attack. An experienced head at this level is vital.

I think he can bag the goals to fire us up the league.

Gus Lukuni is an exciting wide player with bags of pace which petrifies defences, I'm expecting some key goal contributions from Gus.

Brandan Pursall, another centre back who will partner Roberts in a back 2.

A solid base has been added to the team with the two centre backs signed.



We are definitely going to be keeping things simple to start, a classic 4-4-1-1 formation is a great way to start us off.


Well that's us ready for the forth coming season. We will cover all the action next time.

As always appreciate you reading.




If you are new to the page then please feel free to check out our previous save.

A Stade Rennais-sance was our Beta save that we extended. Taking control of Stade Rennes, we attempted to overthrow PSG. You can start the Journey from Here.

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